Stir-fly Colorful Vegetables with Oyster Sauce Recipe

Stir-fly Colorful Vegetables with Oyster Sauce Recipe (Serve 3-4 kids)Ingredients:

1.2 cup              Onion (diced)
2 teaspoons      Garlic (minced)
Half                    Zucchini (halved, then sliced long way)
Half                    Yellow Zucchini (diced)
Half                    Carrot (peeled, sliced into flower shape)
1/4                      Cucumber (halved, seeded, julienned) 
4 oz                    Green Bean (cut both ends) 
1/2 cup               Chicken Breast (cooked with a little seasoning salt, diced) 
1.5 tablespoons  Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/5 tablespoons  Oyster Sauce 
2 bowls               Steamed Rice


Le Cresuet 2 quarts Legumier


1. Rinse and cut all vegetables.

2. Add olive oil in pan over medium heat. Add garlic and onion, cook until fragrance. Add remaining vegetables into pan and cook. (Save a little cucumber and carrot for garnish)

3. When vegetable are 80% cooked, add oyster sauce and stir well.

4. Add chicken and stir-fly until cook through, heat off.

5. Plate steamed rice, cucumber, carrot and stir-fly vegetables, serve hot.
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  3. mummy of two says:

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  4. 豆潤之家小四 says:

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  5. nor c says:

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