Healthy Eat- Fusion Lettuce Wrap Recipe

Fusion Lettuce Wrap Recipe


Steamed Rice                           4 cups
Big Carrot (diced small)            1 carrot
Celery (diced small)                   3 stalks
Lettuce (halved)                         1 head
Green Onion (chopped)             1 cup
Garlic (minced)                           1 tablespoon
Parsley (fresh, finely chopped)   1/2 cup
Onion (diced small)                     1/2 cup
Ground Pork                                1 pound
Vegetable Oil                               2 tablespoons


Salt                     1 teaspoon
Oyster Sauce     See recipe below

Oyster Sauce Recipe:
Oyster Sauce       1 tablespoon
Water                    3 tablespoons
Sugar                    1/4 teaspoon
Step: Whisk the ingredients until combined.

Salt                                1/2 teaspoon
Chicken Powder            2 tablespoons
Ground White Pepper    1/4 teaspoon
Vegetable Oil                  1 tablespoon


1. Rinse and cut all ingredients. Halved the lettuce and separate the leaves carefully.

2. Cut Pork into small pieces. Process pork in a food processor with the seasonings, let it sit for 5-10 minutes.

3. In a LC 3.5 quarts round wide oven (also called Risotto), add vegetable oil and garlic over medium heat until fragrance. Add onion and cook for 1 minute.

4. Add celery, carrot and salt, cook until onion is transparent (about 3 minutes).

5. Add ground pork, lower heat to medium low, cook until pork are medium well.

6. Add oyster sauce, parsley and 1/2 cup green onion, stir well and cover for 2 minutes or until it cooked.

7. Put pork and vegetable, steam rice and green onion on lettuce leave, wrap it together and serve.

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8 Responses to Healthy Eat- Fusion Lettuce Wrap Recipe

  1. 我的名字叫悲傷 says:

    [版主回覆04/11/2013 09:59:00]真係好好味!

  2. bv says:

    [版主回覆04/12/2013 10:54:30]一次過煮埋一鍋,快靚正又健康.

  3. PEG PEG says:

    好正呀 😀
    生菜包好好味 🙂
    你仲中英對照, 好好呀
    [版主回覆04/12/2013 14:02:18]Pat Peg,謝謝支持呀!又中又英因為怕小公主將來唔駛睇中文,哈哈.

  4. 慧云嘉申嘉 says:

    將白飯都包埋入去, 我真系冇捻過 ! 你創意真系一流! 多謝你比左個good idea 比我呀, 我媽媽好快生日喇, 我地每個兄弟姊妹都要做一樣菜式, 我可唔可以照抄呢??
    [版主回覆04/16/2013 03:20:00]菠蘿腸仔串,好聰明喎。哈哈。
    [慧云嘉申嘉回覆04/15/2013 00:59:29]每人都做一個菜式, 只有我弟弟最唔中意, 因為佢煮野麻麻地, 我驚佢到時會買晒D 罐頭波羅, 罐頭腸仔, 吉成一串串就上台……
    [版主回覆04/14/2013 07:17:29]嘉嘉,謝謝你呀!
    預祝你媽媽生日快樂.每個兄弟姐妹都做一個菜式的主意好好呀.希望你和媽媽都會喜歡這道小菜啦! 🙂

  5. nor c says:

    [nor c回覆04/14/2013 15:54:45]U say right
    [版主回覆04/14/2013 07:18:09]真係快靚正,飯菜同肉一次過吃,好方便呢!

  6. 小van says:

    [版主回覆04/16/2013 03:18:39]這個很易做,試試吧!

  7. 博師奶 says:

    [版主回覆04/17/2013 23:51:10]自己整好食又健康,仲平好多添。

  8. 亞U says:


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